Wednesday, February 14, 2007


We've just got back from a fantastic week snowboarding with our English friends Carrie and Simon and Swedes Andreas and David. We hired a little log cabin and have had an action packed week of snowboarding, sledging, 'sauna-challenges' (ruuning outside in the snow after a sauna!) and an eventful ski scooter ride where Daniel crashed and nearly broke my hip!!
Snowboarding seemed a lot easier than last year with a lot less aches and pains but I still think I've got a bit of a way to go to match Daniel's speed and stunts!!
Just a few pictures from our trip....
(Carrie & Simon filmed some movies of us all skiiing and snowboarding so I'll have to fgure out how to put them on here)

Simon, Carrie, Daniel & Andreas
Our top floor 'stuga' - the stairs were a bit lethal for running down during the 'sauna challenge'

All straped onto our boards and ready to go!

A well dererved 'after ski' drink!!

Just admiring the view!

Sunset from the top of the slopes!