Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back in business!

Hooray!! We've fixed the computer now and its finally back to full working order!! I felt very lost without email and the internet!

There isn't much to report really - we've both been really busy at work and the end of August was very rainy, so we had several lazy weekends just staying in watching DVD's and catching up on bits and pieces.

At the beginning of September we had Daniel's brother and his family to stay which was great fun. We'd planned lots of 'sunny' activities such as trips to the beach and canoeing, but the Swedish weather made sure we couldn't do any of the trips we had planned! Instead we stayed in Gothenburg and dashed outside for as long as we could inbetween the thunder storms! The tourist office in Gothenburg sells cards for 210 kronor (£14) which allow you to visit any museum in Gothenburg, plus the amusement park and to travel free for 24 hours, so we made the most of our cards and managed to squeeze in a lot!

Below are some photos from the Maritime museum which was really good fun. There are several old warships and submarines moored up together in the harbour which you can explore (or do as we did and play hide and seek in!!)

Thinking the sun had come out and summer had returned to Sweden we went to the amusement park Liseberg. We had several hours on the rides until a giant thunder storm meant the rides all had to be shut down for safety reasons - just as we had reached the front of the hour long queue to the newest and biggest rollarcoaster! (We've got some ride coupons left so we might go and try again by ourselves this weekend - fingers crossed!)

The company Daniel works for has rooms above the office which are usually used for clients, but can be borrowed for private use at the weekend, so for a change of scenary we stayed there for a night. The rooms, jacuzzi/relazation room and giant dining room are all overlooking the harbour, so it feels like you've got your very own penthouse suite!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Back soon!

Our computer has managed to pick us some virus and is refusing to do anything that involves having 2 windows open at the same time - hence the lack of posts here. We've tried fixing it but nothing seems to work, so we're now painstakingly saving every last file and photo, ready to wipe the whole computer and start again! Fingers crossed I'll be back with a post soon!!