Sunday, February 26, 2006

Flat hunting

Yesterday we drove down to Gothenburg again to have another look around areas we might like to move to. We drove around Hisingen, which is the area across the water, slightly away from the centre of town. It is actually a large island which is separated from mainland Gothenburg by the Göta älv river, which then continues to run up from Gothenburg to Trollhättan where we live now. Hisingen wasn't quite as pretty as the other areas of Gothenburg we visited last time, but there does seem to be more flats available there and most of them are slightly bigger and cheaper than those in the centre of town.

The system of looking for flats to rent in Sweden is very strange, as you actually have to be selected by the landlord/lady to even go and look at a property. For example, we've registered with a letting agency and have applied for 134 flats in the last month and we still haven't been selected to go and view any of the properties! Some of the flats have had over 2000 applicants, so I think it could take us a bit longer than the afternoon it look us to find our flat in London!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!!


At 3:55 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Helen, I sympathise with your plight. It's really no fun in any of the bigger cities here to find an apartment to rent. We had an apartment in Stockholm, but even to get a swap was hard.

In the end I gave up and bought one as I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get on the selection list. And the buying process is no less of a "secret handshake" sort of thing.

Good luck! I hope you find something you like very soon. I did see one advertised in the classified section of The Local this week, but I can't remember from when it was available.

At 2:16 PM, Blogger flyingknickers said...

I am trying desperately hard to rent a flat in Gothenburg for the winter and I seem to be having no luck at all!

Any advice on websites to look at or agents to go to?


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