Sunday, December 11, 2005


Yesterday was Nobeldagen, which is the day when the Nobel Prizes for literature, chemistry, physics, medicine, economics and peace are given out. The Nobel Prize ceremony began in 1901 after Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel (the inventor of dynamite) left a request in his will for the prize giving to be established. The prizes are awarded at formal ceremonies held annually in the Stockholm Concert Hall and the Oslo City Hall on December 10th, which is date that Alfred Nobel passed away.

The ceremony is shown on Swedish TV and is a fairly big event here, with some shops shutting early to honour the occassion. Apart from tuning in to watch the prize giving, many people watch to rate/slate the dresses worn, especially those worn by the Swedish Royal Family! The papers are full of photos of Princesses Victoria and Madeleine today, and for once they actually approved of what they were wearing!


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