Monday, November 28, 2005

Weekend in Gothenburg

We spent this weekend in Gothenburg with Ross to make the most of seeing him before he heads back home to Australia.

To start with on Saturday we went to Universeum, which is a sort of science/natural history museum with lots of hands on displays. I think we were the only ones there without children but we had just as much fun as them playing with each of the experiments!

One of the best parts of the museum was the underwater world where they had a pool of rays which you could touch. They seemed to really like the attention and kept coming up to the surface to be stroked!

Universeum is an environmentally friendly museum and even recycles your urine after you've been to the toilet - you just need to make sure you wee in the correct part of the toilet!!

After Universeum we headed to Liseberg to see the Christmas lights. They cover every tree in the theme park with millions of tiny fairy lights which looks absolutely incredible. They also have a Christmas market with stalls full of traditional Swedish gifts and crafts.

There was also a ice skating rink, but sadly we didn't have any skates with us!

On Sunday we went to a Christmas Market located in the Kronhuset which is the oldest building in Gothenburg. It was originally a warehouse for the Swedish artillery but is now home to several traditional shops, including a glassblower, a goldsmith, a clockmakers and a chocolate shop. They had several stalls selling traditional Swedish gifts including these Julbockar (Christmas goats) which are supposed to be the Swedish predecessor to Father Christmas.

To round off the weekend we went for a coffee in a cafe on a boat! 'The Viking' was completely moored up and anchored but we still felt sure we were bobbing about on the water!!


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